Who We Are

Thinking and steering the future. That’s what we’re here for.

We are experienced, open to new things, eager to hear your questions and topics

com-across is a network of trainers with years of experience in training and coaching in various fields.

We work openly, transparently and independently with each other. 

Your advantage: we work as a think-tank, gather experience, evaluate it together in com-across.


We create new things, have our finger on the pulse of time, are always up-to-date.

You, your company, your employees and executives benefit from this – in all trainings and coachings of com-across.


is a doer and implementer, founder and owner of com-across, trainer and coach, yoga and meditation teacher.


Motto: ‚can’t? but!‘

Topics: Leadership, female leadership, co-leadership, female empowerment, transformation, agile mindset, train-the-trainer, digitalization, team development, coaching.

Fun Fact: needs chilli, Tabasco or at least fresh black pepper with every meal.


COO of Com-Across, digital native & start-with-why-enthusiast, coach, trainer, yoga and meditation teacher and musician.


Motto: without ‚Hä‘ no ‚Aha‘!

Topics: Agile & digital learning, digitalization, train-the-trainer, train-the-coach, innovation & design thinking, new leadership, hybrid teams, agile transformation, diversity in teams, mental Strength & empowerment, coaching

Fun Fact: under his pseudonym Dsillusion he raps his heart out.


is a passionate working mum, communications specialist, trainer, moderator, consultant.


Motto: ‚Jumping into the deep end opens up an ocean of possibilities.‘

Topics: Agile project management, digitalization, diversity, facilitation, visualization, creativity techniques, train the trainer.

Fun Fact: speaks 7 languages – 10 if you count dialects.


is a specialist for aha-moments, trainer, moderator, mediator and supervisor .


Motto: Failure after failure.

Topics: agile team and organizational development, facilitation, conversation management, team mediation and supervision, train-the-trainer.

Fun Fact: hasn’t cycled across the Alps in a while.


is a cultural architect, trainer and coach.


Motto: Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.

Topics: Transformation, diversity, leadership, digitalization, facilitation, team development, coaching.

Fun Fact: Although she is a Rhinelander, she sometimes celebrates carnival in the Andes (with a very guilty conscience, of course).


is a true Cologne native, recruiter, trainer and coach.


Motto: ‚Levve un levve losse‘

Topics: Leadership, Recruiting, Agile Organizational Development, Mindset , Diversity, Coaching.

Fun Fact: loves Reggae and is regularly on stage with the SoundSystem „Bun Babylon Sound“.



is a master in encouraging and questioning, trainer, mediator and coach


Motto: ‚quietly lose yourself‘

Topics: Conflict facilitation, mediation, team development, diversity, digitalization.

Fun Fact: Has circumnavigated the globe once in 397 days and 45,449 km.


speaks fluent Hebrew, is a passionate hobby cook, coach, trainer, mediator and supervisor


Motto: fully into life

Topics: Coaching, leadership, self-management, team development, supervision, mediation.

Fun Fact: enjoys walking in hardware stores and talking to her brothers in movie quotes on Fridays


is improviser, coach, trainer, speaker, organization designer.


Motto: Go! And when you are afraid, go afraid.

Topics: Leadership, new work, agile, improvisation in leadership, coaching, train-the-trainer.

Fun fact: Persistently tries to bake the ultimate bread. Is on a good path.


is a passionate boulderer, trainer, founder and team leader


Motto: ‚Hakuna Matata‘

Topics: Agile methods, Agile team and organizational development, leadership, digitalization, Agile mindset.

Fun Fact: Clears large rocks in the forest of moss in order to climb up them.


is an enthusiastic hiker, trainer and team leader.


Motto: Get out of your comfort zone!

Topics: Agile team and organizational development, digitalization, leadership, agile mindset.

Fun Fact: likes to test his limits in Rugby


is a personal protector, director , trainer and speaker.


Motto: „Body & mind are a machine that gets better with regular use!“

Topics: Presenting, appearance in front of the camera, conflict management and de-escalation, self-assertion in crisis situations.

Fun Fact: Tarek has almost won a boxing match against Atreju from „The Neverending Story“.


is a trainer, coach and consultant and professional amateur chef


Motto: We err ahead


Topics: finding and implementing sustainable decisions in complex systems, agile mindset, strategy development, team development, coaching


Fun Fact: Listens to Wagner operas to the end


is a coach, trainer, process facilitator and enthusiastic freestyle cook.


Motto: „Expect the unexpected“


Topics: Change, resilience, digitalization, team and organizational development, leadership, communication, coaching.


Fun Fact: can’t see spatially and thus has the perfect excuse why she pours next to the glas, runs into something or parks badly.


is a passionate consultant and trainer and loves teamwork and inspiring spaces.


Motto: Paths are created while walking.


Topics: Communication, innovation, acoustic and visual interior design.


Fun Fact: Likes to spend her free time with horses and lets them coach her on body language.